We have always talked about photography and its importance at a wedding but there are a few things that couples do that spoil all the photographs and end up accusing the photographers about the outcome. Remember that photographers are not magicians to change your bad poses into good ones and that is why in this article we are going to talk about the mistakes that couples make when taking photographs.

Before we look at the different mistakes that couples make when it comes to taking wedding photographs, we are going to discuss the pre and post wedding photos that have become a trend in the country of recent.

The pre wedding photographs

Most couples are now so much into taking pre wedding photos that they always show on their memory lane during the reception and these can be taken in different places with a few messages from friends. Some people though take their pre wedding photos in the same place where they will have their wedding photos taken so that they get a feel of the place before the d day.

The post wedding photographs

These are a bit rare but for those who really want to do this, it is mostly done one or two weeks after the wedding or before the couple goes for their honeymoon. You can just go with one photographer to take the photos before heading out to your honeymoon destination.

In most cases, the pre and post wedding photographs are part of the photography packages that are given to the different couples and it is up to you to decode whether you are going to utilize the whole package.

The different mistakes made by couples during photo shoots.

Talking through the photo shoot

In most cases when the couple and their entourage go for their photo shoot after the religious ceremony tend to talk almost throughout the whole time and this causes the photos to come out with weird expressions and yet they expect nice clean photographs. Therefore to all those planning their wedding photo shoot, it is advisable to minimize the talking so that the photographer gets the best shots of you and your team.

Late payments

If you want to get good wedding photographs, you need to pay in time so that the service providers do not get an excuse of producing bad work. Many couples get expensive service providers and they end up paying late. This can mess up with the photographer’s work and they end up producing poor quality photos.

Not feeding the photographers

Just like any other guest that has come for your function, photographers also need to be fed at your wedding. Make sure that you inform your committee so that they are well taken care of because no one can produce good work on an empty stomach. In most cases service providers are forgotten when it comes to food and drinks but do not make this mistake on your wedding as it might cost you when it comes to the services you will receive after your wedding.

 Forgetting the rings

This is a rare occasion but just in case the rings are misplaced or forgotten at the salon always reduces the quality of the photographs. Remember that the photographer has to take photos of the rings and therefore they at least have to be new because if you replace the rings with the borrowed ones as this will need a lot of editing.

Being bossy with the photographers

Yes we all want the best when it comes to our wedding photographs but this does not mean that we have to bully the photographers into doing what we want. Try and listen to their ideas and also give in what you really want and see how both your ideas can be incorporated so that you get the best outcome on your wedding day. Shouting and bullying will just frustrate them and they might end up producing substandard photographs on your wedding day.

Not communicating your schedule on time

You need to provide the photographer with a scheduled time table of how your event is going to run. This will help them determine how they will operate on the wedding day. It will help them set up their instruments on time and avoid the rush hour and this will at least ensure good photographs at the end of the day.

Being a moody couple

There is nothing that kills the mood of a wedding like a moody couple. Even if you are stressed to the maximum because of the various preparations for your big day, you do not need to show it to your guests and most especially the photographers. Remember that photographs depict what you really happened on that day and they can be kept for many generations. Now just imagine perusing through your wedding photographs and realizing that you all had gloomy faces on your big day. Note that the photographers cannot edit your moody faces and that is why it is advisable that you try to smile just for the photographs and forget about your troubles at least on that day.

We always blame photographers when things go wrong especially during our photo shoot at our weddings because we have not yet realized that some mistakes come from us and the guests that we have invited to our wedding. Some of the things that we do that bring out bad photography include the following:


Wedding photography in Uganda is no longer being done in studios or the common norm of gardens as couples are opting to do it in different places that offer scenic beauty. In most cases the couple gets to choose where they are going to have their photos taken from and it is advisable to choose a place where you are extremely comfortable.

 Place where you want to take your wedding photographs then you can ask your photographer to give you a few tips about places where you can have the best romantic wedding pictures taken. And to help all the intending couples searching for the perfect place to take photographs from, here is a guide about some of the best scenic places where you can have your wedding photo shoot.


Jinja is well known to have a lot of good places where one can get their wedding photo shoots from. From the waterfalls, water rafting, the bridge to the old colonial buildings and the source of the Nile. This has a romantic setting to it and your photos will have a very beautiful and romantic backdrop to them.


This is a very posh neighborhood with a lot of good scenery that involves both commercial and residential buildings that provide a good backdrop in the photographs. You can also take your photos alongside the roads, a posh compound and other good places in Kololo since it is not congested like other places.

The Murchison River Lodge

This is located within the vicinities of the Murchison falls National Park. You can take your photos at the Murchison falls and other good spots like the decorated boat trips and cottages located in the area and the good thing about this place is that you can also have your reception here after taking photos.


Just like Kololo, Munyonyo has an upscale environment that provides a good place for wedding photographs. It has various places where you will take your photographs with good scenery. These can be hired out for a small fee.

Where you take your photos does not matter as long as you are comfortable with the place and get zero to non-existent disturbance from other people walking around to photo bomb your wedding photographs. If you are not sure about where you want to take your photos from then it advisable you go with the gardens near you and you should choose a place that is not very far away from the reception venue in order to save time.




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