Flowers and their different colors give off a good an ambiance feeling when a bride is holding them and they also add beauty and elegance. Some brides prefer holding plastic bouquets now days but fresh flowers are the best. The different flowers have meanings and communicate to the groom and the different guests who have come for the wedding. The term language of flowers dates back to the vintage Victorian times where couples would express their feelings to other people that they were attracted to. Flowers add symbolism to your wedding depending on the flowers used.

Brides hold bouquets with different colors and types of flowers for a reason and some hold flowers that their partners love while others just hold their favorite color. But worry not, the different language that the flowers in a wedding bouquet have been listed below.

The lily flowers

Lily flowers signify purity, promise, chastity, hope and fertility. A lily is a very beautiful flower which has a wonderful history originating from the Greeks and their mythology. It is believed that the lily came about after the Greek god Zeus lured his son Hercules whom he had born out of wedlock to come and breast feed from his wife Hera. He is believed to have summoned the god of sleep Somnus. Hercules breastfed and the milk overflowed and some of it flowed onto earth turned into white lilies.

The Greeks believe the lily flower is all about eroticism and sexuality but all you need to know is that they are extremely good when held by a bride who wants to show purity.

The roses

The rose flower comes in different colors and all these have different meanings. It is up to the bride to choose the rose flower color that they would want to use on their weddings. The different rose flowers have been explained below:

  White roses are a sign of new beginnings and purity. The white roses give off a somber and         reverence feeling especially when the bride is holding them in her bouquet and they are also a sign of remembrance a silent message being sent to your partner that you are thinking about them all the time.

The pink roses are a sign of elegance and grace. They are bright and always communicate something important to both the person who has given them to you and the one holding them. They represent admiration and appreciation in a wedding bouquet for the bride.

The red roses are also common on the market and are used as a sign of love between the bride and groom. They represent beauty and perfection although in most cases, brides tend to mix the red roses with white ones to give off ambiance and love at the wedding.

Yellow is known to be a representative of friendship when it comes to flowers. Although yellow is rarely used in bouquets, it helps to know that for those who would want to use it, it is a sign of everlasting friendship between the couple. Yellow gives off a sunny and warm feeling when put in a room and it also communicates a thank you note to your partner.

The Daisy flowers

The daisy is dated back to almost 4000 years ago and hold the fifth place in the most common flowers known worldwide. The daisy flowers is a sign of purity, cheerfulness and most importantly loyalty. Its simple nature shows off beauty and love and it can also be used on the flower girls as well.

The violet flowers

Violets also come in two colors and that is white, yellow and blue and with the different colors, comes the different meanings.

The yellow violets symbolize the goodness and worthiness of the person who is holding them.

The blue violets are a sign of faithfulness and love between the couple.

The white violets represent a sign of chastity and purity of the bride.

The lilacs

The lilac flowers also come in different colors and they all have different meanings when it comes to using them in a bouquet.

Light purple in color and they symbolize first true love. They also have a Greek history of how the god of the forests Pan went in search of his first love syringa who was a nymph. When she saw him afraid of his advances she turned herself into a lilac as a disguise. When used in a bouquet, it symbolizes new beginnings and first love.

The magenta lilacs are a sign of passion and love.

The white lilacs are a sign of innocence and purity of the bride.

The blue lilacs are believed to be a sign of tranquility and happiness for both the bride and groom.

The daffodil flowers

Daffodils symbolize rebirth according to ancient times. When one decides to use them in a wedding bouquet, they show unrequited love and eternal life with your partner. These are normally yellow in color and it is believed that if you use one daffodil it is a sign of misfortune whereas a bunch of daffodils show a sign of happiness and joy.


Peony flowers

Peony flowers are believed to be a sign of strength for the couple that is getting married. They are commonly used on weddings and when used in the bouquet it is a sign of ambition and good ambition.

Baby’s breath

Baby’s breath symbolizes innocence and can be used either in the bride’s hair or the bouquet. But since it is a bit rare on the market, it is quite expensive and hard to come by. The beauty about the baby breath is that it can easily be used by the groom too.

The hydrangea flowers

The hydrangea flowers are known to have big protruding showy heads that are perfect for a wedding bouquet. It represents a sign of understanding between the bride and groom and is perfect for those who do not want to carry an over decorated bouquet.

I have never seen a bride who does not carry a bouquet be it plastic or fresh flowers but there are precautions that one should take when choosing a bouquet for their wedding and some of these include the following.

The flowers should complement both the wedding and changing dress

Imagine yourself putting on a white wedding gown with brown flowers or a gown that is heavily endowed with a brightly colored bouquet? This is what we call a fashion mishap. A bouquet should not outshine the gown in any way it should just add a complementary touch to your gown. This is a rule that is not written anywhere but never ever get a bouquet that draws more attention to it than the gown.

The bouquet should match your personality and taste

Before choosing your bouquet, you should consider your personal tastes in order to get something that is good. Personal tastes mostly include the special meanings you hold for someone. Talk to your florist about what you really need in your bouquet and they might be able to put your feelings and tastes in the bouquet.

Consider the size and shape of the bride

The size of the bouquet should not be bigger than the bride because she might look a bit off with it. For example if the bride is short, they should carry a fairly small bouquet that matches their size and if the bride is a bit tall, they can carry a fairly big bouquet although not to the extent of feeling too uncomfortable. Think about the physic of the bride before ordering for that bouquet.

Consider the theme color of the day

The bouquet should not necessarily be the same color like the theme color of the day but there should be at least some similarities when it comes to color. Getting a bouquet that has a huge contrast with the theme color will not go well when it comes to photos but you can add a little color from the theme colors to your bouquet to create an impressive look.

It does not matter what type of flowers you carry as long as they make you happy. But in order to get the best bouquet it is better if you choose whatever goes into your bouquet so that you are not disappointed on your wedding day.

Remember that this is your day and you need to look unique and therefore you do not have the same  flowers in your bouquet should be the same used by the bride’s maids, flower girls, the groom’s men and your groom. You can just add a tiny element of what you have in your bouquet and use it for them so that you are extremely unique on your wedding day.


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