When it comes to doing your bridal hair, all that matters is the style that you have chosen and the time spent at the salon. You will find some brides throwing tantrums very early in the morning because of the mistakes that the salon personnel.

Most men do not hustle when it comes to salons they just go to their regular salons and have their hair cut their hair in the usual way before they come for the wedding. The groom rarely has a unique hair style that they want on their wedding day and It is the bride and her team that take  a lot of time trying to find the best salons and styles that they can do their wedding. And this is why this article is majorly going to talk about the bride and her maids since they are very particular.

Salons play a big role when it comes to   wedding day and therefore should not be taken for granted because if the bride does not look good with the hair style that has been made, the whole bridal look will be off even with a good wedding gown. Hair styles differ depending on what the bride wants but most salons take advantage that some brides are calm and they do what they need. A bride needs to be in charge of their hair and below are some mistakes that brides should avoid when styling their hair.

How can a bride choose the best bridal salon?

Choosing a salon where one is going to do her bridal hair from is a bit difficult because every salon will offer you a sizzling chance to use them but not all are good. A few things that one can consider when choosing a salon from where you would want to have your hair done from and these include:

  • The location of the salon

The location of the salon should not be very far away from the church or mosque where the wedding ceremony is going to take place. Because of the heavy jam in the city especially on weekends, the salon should be close so that the couple keeps time. It should be easily accessible with ample parking space so that the bridal cars can easily park as they wait for the bride and her team.

  • The pre- day services

Choose a salon that gives a pre wedding package so that you look good on your wedding day. A good pre wedding package includes a massage, facials, nail treatment, skin and body treatments and the hair maintenance all done in one salon. All this is done two or three months before the wedding day so that you look good come the D-day.

  • The setup of the salon

When it comes to the setup of the salon, make sure that you select a salon that has ample space inside so that you are not over crowded with your maids and matron. It should have room where the bride will dress up from and it should be well maintained with equipment that is good.

It should also have a generator just in case there is no electricity on that day in order to reduce on delays on the wedding day.





  • The hygiene at the salon

Hygiene is key when it comes too salons and that is why when choosing a salon for bridal styling, you will need to look for a salon that is keen on hygiene. Look at the towels and find out whether they are clean, the sanitation of the restrooms and the room where you are going to do your hair styling form. Make sure you start your day in a clean and fresh environment.



  • The products used I the salon

Be vigilant about the different products that are used in these salons because most of them use poor quality products and this might affect your hair on your wedding day. If the salon does not have the products that you can use when it comes to treating your hair, you can offer to come with your own products or look for another salon that can do your hair with the products that you are well versed with.

  • The booking time

This is very crucial especially for the bride and her team. Before you go on to book your date with a saloon find out if they are over booked or they have space for you and your entourage. It is not a good feeling if you book your day and in the morning you find more than one bride and her entourage being worked on by the same stylist you had chosen. This will delay you and your team and you might end up arriving late at church.

Factors to consider before selecting a wedding hair style

Before selecting a specific style of hair that you want from your wedding there are a few things that you need to put into consideration and I have broken down a few them here so that brides do not hustle when it comes to hair style.

Research online

With the increase in use of technology, this cannot be hard. All the bride needs is to get a phone and research about the different hairstyles that can be made on a wedding. There are several websites that you can visit that give an insight on what to do on your wedding.

Look at your budget

Your budget has to be looked at when it comes to hair styling. Different hairstyles cost different attached to them so it is advisable for the bride to look at her budget and decide on which hair style fits into her budget. You should not do hair styles that do not fit into your budget.

Check the different photos of their works

Most salon ladies have albums showcasing the different bridal hair style that they have done. So if you visit their salons ask for the different photo albums so that you can compare the different work that they have done because this will help you choose a better hair style for you and you maids.

Ask for references

There are a lot of salons in the country and all these do bridal hair and they have various customers. Look for recommendations about where one can do their hairstyles for a good price and nicely. Make sure that you visit the different salons In order to get the best hair style for your wedding.

The references can be by word of mouth from the different brides that have come before you, online references from critics or regular clients that come to the salon to do their hair.

Try looking for discounts

You need to look for salons where they will be able to give you discounts on your hairs styles and the maids as well. This helps on the money that would have been spent on the hair and it is good for the budget. Most brides assume that as long as they get money from the wedding meetings, they can easily cover the hair budget even when it is high but this is not the cease because you have to minimize costs in order to enjoy your post wedding with no stress of paying debts. Therefore low cost salons are better if you can manage to find them.

Talk to your stylist

Before you go on a hunt for the different salons first contact your daily hair stylists and see whether they are able to design your hair on your big day. Sometimes the stylists that we use every day always know what we need exactly and the type of hair that we have making it easy for them to style our hair without causing any damage to the hair.

Look for salons that offer good customer services.

Getting a salon with a person that does not listen to you will not work for you especially on your wedding day. The salon people who do not listen to the clients always do what they want and the end results are never desired by the client. Therefore if you want to look good on your day with a hair style that you want, get someone who has customer care and actually listens to whatever you have to say to them. This will yield good results on your wedding day.

It is advisable to use the salon people that you have been using because they know exactly what you want instead of using someone new who might end up disappointing you even after paying all the money to them. Salons have become too commercial in that the salon personnel just want to earn money and they normally do not mind about the results as long as they get the needed money.

Brides are advised to speak up in case the hair style that is being done on their heads is not what they had wanted so that they are taken advantage of.


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