The beautiful sounds that are made when the deejay plays songs or choir starts singing bring out the real meaning of music. Every wedding has a music section that is made by the bride and groom and these light up the ceremony. But we should also put it in mind that not all music that is played at a wedding is good music.

Sometimes deejays divert from the original list that is given to them but the bride and groom and play songs that do not please the invited guests and the couple. Music can either make or spoil a wedding depending on the selection made

Music starts from church on a wedding and pushes on until the reception area but the music that is played at both places is very different and should not be mixed. When it comes to church if you are not sure about the exact songs that you are supposed to play and use, ask the officiate which songs are appropriate or hire a choir that knows which songs are needed to be sung during the church ceremony and when it comes to the reception, you can have all types of music played at your function as long as it is offensive to your guests.

Before we go any further, you need to know the role of the deejay or the band that you are going to hire for your wedding so that you do not make unnecessary demands when it comes to song playing. The deejay band mostly provides the following services for your function.

  • Play background music during food and cocktail hours.
  • Entertain guests each time there are no speeches and when the couple has not yet arrived.
  • Play the procession song for the entourage once it arrives.
  • Play music during the first dance, opening of the dance by the guests and the after party.
  • Play the sendoff
  •  Music as the function ends.

The length of the songs that is chosen by the couple will determine for how long the songs should be played therefore it is advisable for you to choose songs that are a bit short so that they are not stopped midway.

The selection process of music at a wedding

  • Find inspiration

If you do not have a specific type of music that you listen to, the best way to select music is by looking for inspiration from others. Search online for wedding videos on the different websites and look at what other brides have used on their weddings. You can also buy a few DVDs with the different wedding songs and get inspiration.

You can also ask a few friends about what can be played at a wedding.

  • Look at your wedding style

Your wedding style will somehow determine the type of music that will be played at your wedding. Sometimes the guests that you have invited also determine the songs that will be played at your function. If you want your guests to be entertained at your wedding reception, then you will need to play songs that you will entertain them.

  • Then decide on whether to use a band or a deejay

Music can be got in different forms from using a live band or using a deejay. You can make your playlist and share it with both them and find out whether they can actually do what they want exactly.

Every band has its genre that they do and if you decide goo use a band, ask them whether they are willing to do a different type of genre and if not then go with a deejay or look for another band.

Most deejays are open to playing the different types of music on a function and that is why most people use them and they are cheaper than live bands.

  • Sample the music list you have chosen

After making your final music list, make sure you sample it out so that you get to choose the best songs that will work for you all throughout your function. Play the music in your car or let someone else listen to it and listen to their feedback too.

You can also ask the deejay about the best songs that they can play on your wedding and after getting his list sample it too and on your wedding day assign someone to make sure that the deejay plays the selected songs only.


  • Organize your music

When selecting which songs need to be played at a wedding make sure that the songs that are chosen are in an order that matches. For example if you are playing romantic songs first you will have to play the slow songs first and then graduate to the moderate ones before playing fast sound track music. This helps in relaxing the guests and they get to know what to expect each time the deejay starts playing a song.

The deejay should also know when to play a specific type of music for example if it is time for food, slow music should be played so that people eat food in a calm environment and when it comes to dancing time, the deejay can play either slow or fast songs depending on the mood of the people who are dancing.

There are several mistakes that couples make when it comes to music at their weddings and these can officially ruin your function with ease. If you want to enjoy your function with the right music, please avoid the following.

 Starting the ceremony in silence

You need to talk to your deejay or band to at least start playing music at least ten or twenty minutes before the function officially begins. This will help your guests not to be bored as they wait for you for to arrive instead of waiting in silence.

Not meeting the music service provider on time

You need to meet the music person months before your wedding so that you bet to know what type of music they play, how long they will stay at your function and their charges. This will help you know what type of music to add and remove from their play list and it will give you an insight on whether to hire them or not. If you delay to do his you might end up with songs that you did not expect and want on your function.


Not checking the system to see its effectiveness

You need to check on the music system to see whether it is actually working to perfection. Check the microphones and the whole public address system that is to be used on your wedding day. And in case there is a problem it will be fixed easily to avid embarrassment on that day.

Playing only one type or genre of song

Deejays sometimes play songs that belongs to the same genre. This will leave the guest including yourself with your partner bored. Check the music play list that is available to make sure that different types of music are played on your wedding from traditional music to rock.

Playing music that is too loud

Yes we know it is a party but your invited guests will need to easily communicate with each other instead of shouting over the music in order to be heard. If your music is too loud, it will become irritating and your guests might leave early just to get a peace of mind from the loud music.

Playing inappropriate songs at the reception

A wedding has different people that all belong to different age brackets and therefore the music that should be played at a wedding should be worth listening to even by the children. Sometimes deejays play songs that are inappropriate for children just because the song has a nice beat and this is not right. If you want such songs to be played, wait till the children sleep or go back home and then you can play your PG songs.

This calls for a list of songs that you do not want to be played on your wedding. Just like how you make a list of the songs you love, make one for those that should not be played on your wedding.

Selecting only songs that you like

Yes we all know that this is your wedding but this does not mean that you are going to play only music that you and your husband love. This will leave the guests bored therefore play songs that are enjoyable by both you and your guests.

Forgetting to make a music schedule for the reception

A music schedule helps the deejay coordinate and find out which songs are to played at which time and the intervals to be taken but if it is not there, it might cause chaos and un coordinated music being played at the reception.

Therefore if you want to enjoy your wedding party, you should concentrate on the music sector so that you and your guests are entertained.





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