A wedding has a lot of shopping and trials that need to be done and Makeup is one of them. After getting that perfect dress for you wedding, you need to look for the perfect Makeup that will match with your dress, accessories and will blend extremely well with your skin color. With the vast Makeup on the market, you will need to be vigilant about what to use and who will apply your Makeup.  Note that any makeup you put on looks good but only if you go to the right people and use the best makeup on you and this is why I have listed the steps that you can follow when searching for the perfect Makeup for your wedding.

Research about Makeup

We all do daily Makeup but when it comes to the wedding day you are supposed to have unique Makeup that matches with whatever you are putting on your wedding day. If you do not know what will look good on you walk with someone who will help you make the perfect Makeup shade for you or if not ask your Makeup artist.

Think about your theme and dress code

Make up should at least be able to match with whatever you are going to put on so that it does not look out of place. Try to match the theme color of your wedding to your make up because your face has to reflect whatever you will put  your day but note that you should also not do the over matching because it might be too much.

Schedule a makeup trial

After choosing the makeup artist make sure you schedule a makeup trial to see how you will actually look on that day. Try out different makeups with different colors so that you get to pick out what really suits you and if you have maids with you, you should also be able to go with them to the trial makeups.

Consider the weather

Make up looks good on everyone depending on what you have used but this only lasts until it starts melting on your face. The makeup that is on the Ugandan market is not what I would call genuine but you can still play around with it to come up with the best solution that will last through the wedding.

Talk to your makeup artist and find out the different types of makeup that can withstand the different all kinds of weather.

Use the different apps on your phone

With the recent technology that is on the Ugandan market, there are different apps that you can use to see how you will look with makeup. Take as many photos as you can so that you get a feel of what that day will be like and then if you do not trust your own judgment then ask someone you trust so that so that you can get a different opinion.

Be confident

It is going to be your wedding day and you need to be confident with whatever you have on including the makeup and that is why you should choose makeup that will bring out the confidence in you. You do not necessarily need to use the common trend that everyone is using but you need to know what makes you shine and bring out the confidence in you.

Try using your daily makeup

Yes it might be your big day but why risk using something that you have never used on your skin just so that you go through with the current trade of makeup? The best thing to do is to first try out the makeup that you have been using on a daily basis and see how you will look. You will be surprised to find that it is way better than the new trials.

Consider your skin color

Skin color is of utmost importance when it comes to makeup and you will need to put this into consideration. If you are dark skinned you cannot use makeup that is meant for a light skinned person and vice versa. Talk it out with your makeup artist so that you do not have to look like a doll on your wedding day by using the wrong makeup on your skin.

Research about the effects of the makeup on you

Some people are allergic to make up especially if what they are using on that day is new to them. It is better to know earlier before the big day what suits you and what will irritate you. And remember we do not want to see you scratching yourself out because of an irritation from the makeup.

With the increasing trend of makeup artists in Uganda, it is very difficult to determine who will do a good job especially when there are a variety to choose from. There are a few tips that you can follow as these will guide you in how to choose the right makeup artist and I have listed a few of them here.

Consider the reviews and recommendations

You will not be the first person to wed and neither will you be the last and that is why it is important to follow recommendations made by your friends or previous brides. Most of these people will know where to find the best makeup artist and the bad ones and you should try to listen to them.

Read through the reviews as well and determine whether you can continue with them or look for a better makeup artist.

Start the search early

The market is wide when it comes to makeup artists and you need to start your search early so that you get the right makeup artist. Walk around town visiting the different makeup artists and you find out the different prices that they offer and decide on which one you are going to use to avoid last minute disappointments.

Research and examine the products they use

Every makeup artist has their personal favorite products that they use when it comes to makeup. It is advisable that the bride to be to first examine the products that the makeup artist uses and research about them to find out if they are good for you and have no side effects. If they are fit to use then you can go ahead and use that particular makeup artist.



Ask them about their flexibility

A perfect makeup artist should be extremely flexible with all the services that they offer. They should be able to accommodate you and your maids in the same place and they should try to at least come with you to the venue so that they can help the bride with her makeup throughout the day. And if they cannot then they are not worth your time.

They should be understanding

A good makeup artist should be able to tell you the dos and don’ts of makeup and advise you accordingly and they should also listen to you and your suggestions instead of rubbishing them. This is what you should look for when trying to find the best makeup artist for your wedding.

There are different kinds of makeup that one can use on their wedding day. Note that makeup might look good on someone else and yet make you look so bad so it is best you ask your makeup artist what looks good on you and you should know your skin color and what matches with it. Some of the types of makeup include the following.

The Smokey Makeup

This creates a sexy look on the bride especially around the eyes and lips. Different shades of grey and black are used to create the smoky look on around the eyes since that is the main focus. It gives the bride a modern eccentric look and sexiness without much of trying.

The Natural makeup

Natural makeup is normally used for those that are allergic to makeup or those that do not want a lot of makeup on their big day. This helps in a way that you get to maintain your natural beauty with just minimal gloss on your lips and it looks flawless on your skin.

HD Makeup

HD makeup is mostly used with lots of layers of makeup on your face. It hides all the imperfections that one has on their face and for those who have not managed to understand what it is all about this is the makeup that we normally see actresses putting on their faces on our television sets. The beauty about this is that you look flawless and full of glamor.

Matte makeup

This is the mostly used makeup in Uganda and some people use it for their everyday lifestyle. It comes in different ranges of colors and these can be applied together as long as the colors that are added together blend. The good thing about matte is that you can easily get it from anywhere in town.



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