For a wedding day to be perfect you need the different service providers. These will provide different services like catering, music, decoration and many more others. They always come in handy but they might also be the downfall of your wedding especially when they fail to deliver on time.

It is actually common to hear the different couples complain about the service providers after their wedding because of their poor timing and bad services delivered during their function especially after being paid the full amount that they had asked for.


Many service providers keep time but there are those who do not depending on the different circumstances they might face on the big day but this does not mean that they should provide shady work. And in order to make sure that they deliver quality work and on the agreed time, there are a few factors that we are going to discuss so that we are not disappointed on the big day.


Research about the service providers


Before you do anything, research about the service providers and find out about how they do their work and if they can deliver their services on time. Go on the internet and research about the different reviews that are written about their company.


If you cannot easily access the internet, find out from the different people that have used the same service providers so that you get to know about the different services that they offer so that you do not blunder when it comes to your wedding day. You should also make sure that the service providers you are hiring have a permanent address where they can easily be located so that in case of any queries and complaints you can easily get to them.


The distance factor


You need to find out and determine the distance from where the service providers will be coming from to your venue. If in case the distance is too long it is better to let them go because they might delay when it comes to transport issues and ruin your day especially the catering service providers. It is advisable to get service providers who are near you or if not those who are flexible in the delivery of their services.


Meet the service providers physically


It does not matter whether you have met the service providers online or through a recommendation from a friend, you will need to meet these service providers personally so that you get to know how they operate, the different items that they use when carrying out their services and their level of professionalism. Make sure that the vans or transportation that they are using is in very good shape and can be used in the different weather conditions that are experienced in the country.

Many people are scammed especially online so in order to avoid all these scams, go and meet your intended service providers in person.




Have a checklist

A checklist will help you find out which service providers are available and those that are not so that you get to contact them and find ways of getting them to the venue in time. In most cases the tent, décor and music service providers should arrive at the venue if possible a day before so that they get the feel of the place and this is where the checklist comes in. it will help ensure that they all arrive at the right time and finish their work before the function begins or guests start arriving.

Your checklist should include the following things so that you do not blunder on that day

All these help you keep the service providers in check.


Inform them about the consequences


You need to be a bit strict with your service providers so that they also get to know that if they fail to deliver on time, there will be consequences that will be faced. If possible use the law so that they get to know how serious you are.

If there are problems with their services, they should at least be able to rectify it but before you go into an agreement, you should come into an agreement about what to do when something goes wrong.


Make sure you have backup options

It is very hard to have second options especially if you have limited funds but if possible then you should get some backup service providers. These will bail you out in case your service providers fail to go through or if you have limited provision of food and drinks on your wedding day. Remember that it is very hard to find a service provider at the last minute that is why it is advisable to first talk to other service providers so that you get the back up earlier on.

Remind the service providers

We always assume that the service providers keep the dates of our weddings on their fingertips but that is not the case since they have a lot of functions that they have to attend to and this is why you should keep on reminding them about the dates so that they do not book someone on that same day. Remind them two to three weeks before your wedding day. It is not a guarantee that they will deliver everything on time but it will give you a piece of mind that they know when and where to deliver the services that you need from them.


Designate someone you trust

We all know that you will not be able to attend to all the service providers in person and that is why you will need to designate someone you truly trust or the wedding committee to coordinate the different service providers. These people will make sure that everything is delivered in time for the wedding.

Use the power of social media


Social media has become a trending place where different people advertise their products, shame and name those who have given them poor services and since it has a large following and most service providers are aware of this. This might force them to deliver in time and with excellent services so that they get a good rating on the different media platforms.

No one really wants to get a bad image for delivering poor services and that is why you should let them know that the services provided will be used on social media.


Have written contracts with them


Even if you do not contact a lawyer, you can always talk with the service providers so that they draft contracts with the rules and regulations that need to be followed when it comes to service delivery so that you both gain more from the partnership.


The contract should have details of how the services will be delivered, the dates, prices, the products that are going to be used and it should also be able to show the repercussions that will be faced just in case the agreement is breached.


Try hiring a wedding planner


Wedding planners reduce most of your stress especially that caused by service providers. When you hire a wedding planner, it is their job to look for the different service providers that they trust and to also ensure that the service providers chosen deliver all the products needed for the wedding in time. These wedding planners also help you cut costs while securing the service providers but you should also get a wedding planner that you trust or one that is highly recommended.

Provide a map to your wedding

Some service providers will not know exactly where your function will be therefore you will need to provide a clear map of when and where your function is taking place so that they do not get lost on that day. Remember that some service providers’ start from the church and mosque venue and therefore those will be two maps that will need to be provided including the reception map. This will help them plan on time just in case there is a problem of jam on the different roads.

As earlier on stated, service providers either make or destroy your function. Therefore you should be vigilant in whatever you do and choose the best service providers so that you get the best at your wedding. You should not stick to one service provider just because they are recommended by a friend, you should get someone that you are comfortable with and whom you then will be able to work at your function and yield good results. Search without tiring until you get the best services.



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