Many wedding cards have been made and they have been evolved with time and that is why many people are designing their cards in different ways. It does not matter whether you are unique or casual in your card as long as you communicate the necessary and important aspects like what is the card for, who is sending the card, the people you are inviting, when and where the event is taking place and the people to contact for further information.

As  a couple there is a way that you want your invitation cards to look like and as human nature a badly designed card can put off someone from attending the wedding and a good one can make them become very eager to attend the wedding. And therefore below are a few things that you need to know before the card is actually distributed among people.

The budget

The budget always matters when it comes to preparing a ceremony. This will determine the type of material that will be used, how many cards will be printed and the complex of the design.

Discuss the design and color to be used

The design can be got through researching about the different designs online or perusing through wedding magazines. We all have themes and colors that we want to be used on our weddings but it is better if you the couple discuss first about which colors you want to use and if you are not well conversant with colors, you can ask the designer about the colors that will be appropriate for your invitation cards.

Read through a draft

Before printing the invitation cards, you should be able to read through the draft to find out if there are any mistakes that have been made so that the necessary changes are made on the final card.

Language to be used

Decide on which language will be best used when communicating in the invitation cards. The cards need to be written in a language that each of the people you are inviting understands and if not you might as well use two languages on one card.

Number of invitations

This will highly be determined by the amount of money you have available for your wedding cards and the number of people that you have invited. If the number of people invited are too many as compared to the number of cards available it is best to send one card to a family or group of people as long as they are in the same circles and send the individual invitation cards to a few people. This will also reduce on the costs.




Decide delivery process

This is very easy to decide on as long as everyone is within a reachable distance. When it comes to delivery you can decide to give out the invitation cards during the various meetings being held so that you reduce on the transportation costs during delivery.

The wording for both the introduction and wedding card differ due to the different setting that they both take place in and we are going to look at a few examples that you can show you how the wording will differ. For example if it is an introduction invitation card, the names of the parents of the bride will be the ones appearing on the card since they are the ones that are hosting the ceremony and if it is a religious function in church or mosque, the invitation card will start with the names of the family of the groom since they are the ones that will be hosting the ceremony but the bride’s family will also appear on this card but after the groom’s parents.

The family of Mr. Katabalwa Francis and Joan Katabalwa of Mutungo Kitiko Entebbe

Together with

The family of the late Musinguzi Denis and the late Harriet Musinguzi of Mbarara cordially invite you to the wedding ceremony of their children…..


The family of Musomesa Christopher Buye and Catherine Buye with pleasure invite you to the introduction ceremony of their daughter……

The above show you how the two cards differ from each other so that you do not make a mistake when it comes to making a card for both your functions.

There are a lot of important details that should not miss when it comes to designing a card and these have been listed below but remember that the design is all up to you as long these details are not missing.

The parents’ name

As earlier seen, the parents’ names are supposed to be placed on the cards as a sign of respect and to inform the elders whose son and daughter are getting married. This also applies that event if your parents are deceased and divorced.

For the divorced parents, you can put both their names on the card even if they are separated as a sign of respect to both of them.

The name of the couple

After placing the names of the parents of both the groom and bride, their names are placed in the middle of the card with a different and unique writing or you can bold them so that you show that they are important. The names of the couple however should be placed in the same order like the parents that is the groom’s name first followed by the bride’s name.

The time and date of the wedding

This is an important aspect on the wedding invitation card. You need to state the day of the week, the date and month when the ceremony is going to take place. You need to state the time when the religious ceremony is going to take place and the time when the reception will be starting so that those that will not be able to make it for the church ceremony can make it on time for the reception.

The officiating and reception venues

The officiating venue is where the exchange of rings is going to take place and this can be either church or church. Since this is the main and most important part of a wedding, it should be communicated first on the card and the exact location communicated.

After the officiating venue, the reception venue will be communicated next. It is advisable to draw a clear map on the card so that people do not get lost as they come for the reception and this can be drawn at the back of the card.

Additional information on the card

Additional information normally ranges between the dress code and informing the guests of any other thing you will need from them. In this part you can inform your guests to come with the invitation card for the reception and if you have a specification as to what dress code you will want on your wedding, this is the part where you inform them about it. It might as well be called a miscellaneous part of the invitation card.

The RSVP section on a wedding card

RSVP represents a French word which means respond if you please and it is always at the bottom of the wedding card. It is followed by the email addresses and phone numbers of two to three people who can easily be contacted in case of an enquiry about the wedding preparations. When you are selecting people who will do the Job of replying to enquiries choose people who are calm and can hold their temper easily and they should be close to you. Your name can be on the card but it is not necessary since you will not have your phone on the day of your wedding day.

These people should be readily available so that to give directions to all those that are lost as they make their way to your wedding and receive the numerous calls that would have been made for you.

Translate the card into a local language

English is the official language that is used by most couples when it comes to making invitation cards but this does not mean that everyone you will want to invite for your wedding understands the Queen’s language and therefore that is why it is advisable for the card to be translated into a language that is understood even by the lay people.

If the bride and groom speak a different language, then make an effort to at least translate the half the cards in both languages so that those that receive them read and understand the different details that have been entailed in the card.

Knowing the right wording for a wedding invitation card is knowledge that everyone should know even if you are not going to design your own cards. A card is another enticing factor that can bring people to your wedding because of how their design and first impression.


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