A wedding is almost incomplete without photography. Photography is the epitome of what makes a wedding because you will keep the memories with you even after a very long time. We all want to remember this day for the rest of our lives and what better way to do this than looking at the still form of the memorable day.

A wedding day is essential to the bride and groom and their family and friends. The photographs taken on that day are supposed to show a love story in every caption taken and that is why it is sentimental to have the best photos captured at the right time.

All photographs taken on that day are essentials but there are those moments that bring back the romance of the couple even after fifty years of living together and this what we are going to discuss today. So for all those that have not yet gotten married grab your note books and pens as you discover the best moments a camera must not miss on your wonderful day.

Shots of the groom getting ready

You can take different shots of the groom as he gets ready like when he is adjusting his tie, combing out his hair, the cufflinks moment and when he sets out to put on his coat. Take photos of the groom and his entire entourage as they get ready and make sure they use different poses for all the shots you take so that you can pick out the best shots for their wedding album.

Shots of the Bride getting ready

When the bride is getting ready, there are a lot of steps that you can capture like the saloon moment when they are styling her hair, the makeup moment and the dressing up moment. Here you can take shots of the girls helping the bride zip her dress, shots of the bride with the bride’s maids and her family members available at the moment and take shots of when they are setting off from the salon.

Shots of the first look after dressing up

This normally happens when the bride is getting ready to enter church. This shot is perfect as it shows the love between the two people getting married. When the bride is walking down the aisle with her father, take that shot because it is a memorable one and when the father is handing his girl over to the groom for the first time.

The church moment

This normally deals with when the whole entourage is walking down the aisle. The groom is always the first person to walk down the aisle with the groomsmen and best man and this is a moment that you should not miss. Then the maids come next and as they walk down the aisle, a perfect shot should be taken and then the best aisle moment is when the bride is walking down the aisle.

When the bride is walking down the aisle with the father is the beginning of a wedding ceremony and this moment should not be missed by any photographer and the couple should make sure that they emphasize these moments to the photographer.

Take a close up of the couple while they are in church and in this moment take as many shots that you can get from the time they enter church, through the readings until the end of the service. Capture moments with the bridesmaids, the priest or pastor as he preaches and the rest of the congregation.

The other crucial moment is when the veil of the bride is removed and the groom sees the bride’s transformed face for the very first time on their wedding day and a shot should be captured. The other moment that you should not miss is during the exchange of rings and vows between the couple.

The moment when the couple is entering the reception

Crucial as other moments are during the wedding ceremony, this also ranks as one of them. When the couple is entering the reception area, it is the first time when the couple is announced as husband and wife to all those who did not attend the church service and it needs to be captured as they make their grand entrance.

The essential shots in detail

We all know that before a wedding takes place there are a lot preparations that both the groom and bride go through to make their day memorable and these moments should be captured. The detailed shots should be about the different things that the bride and groom are going to use on their wedding day.

  • The wedding rings

The wedding ring shots can be taken from different directions to show off the creativity. Take photos of the rings in different places like outdoors in the grass and you can also add them with other accessories to make a good impression. As you take the shots of the rings make sure that the lighting is perfect.

  • The wedding dress and shoes

The wedding dress is very essential on this day and who would want to miss taking a photograph of their wedding dress before they put it on. The dress can be placed on a hunger with a background that flatters its color and start taking shots of it. Then you can add the shoes and take different shots of the dress and shoes both from a distance and up close shots.

  • The jewelry to be used by booth the groom and bride

The bride’s bouquet might range from earrings, bracelets, the tiara, necklaces and other jewelry types that match with the wedding dress and these should also be captured before the bride puts them on.

And when it comes to the groom, he can put his cufflinks on and then hold out his wrists so that you capture that moment too.

  • The wedding bouquet

It might not look like it is important but a photo of the bride’s bouquet is needed. The bouquet is believed to be a sign of purity and beauty and that is why the photographer should always take a photo of the bride’s bouquet alone with a good background and later join it with the maids’ bouquets.

Snapshots of the whole function

Snapshots of the whole function includes the couple, church function, guests and the reception. The shots should be able to show the couple the various guests that attended their wedding, the decoration, the food and drinks, the guest books, the music system and the various activities that are done at a wedding.

The photos show the couple all that they missed during the time when they go for changing their clothes or what has been happening in the background that they cannot see. The images taken during the whole function are always enjoyed by the couple after the wedding ceremony is over.

The cake cutting and feeding moment

The couple has to cut cake in order to serve their visitors and this moment should also not be left out. Take various photos of the cake before it is cut from different angles showcasing the design of the cake. You should take photos of everything on the table from the cake knife, poppers, wine glasses, plates including the table cover and after that take a photo when the couple is cutting the cake.

When the couple is done cutting their cake, they proceed to feed themselves before serving their parents cake. The moment that should be captured is when they are feeding themselves because it is considered to be the first meal that they are sharing as a married couple. Take close up moments of when the bride feeds the groom and vice versa.

The bouquet tossing moment

The bride normally tosses the bouquet before the first dance with the groom and this should be captured by the camera. Take shots of the bride as she stands in front of the crowd of single ladies waiting to get the bouquet. Then take photos of the bride as she throws the bouquet and of the crowd as they all fight to get the bouquet and then take a snapshot of the bride and the person who has got the bouquet.

The first dance moment

Every couple has their first dance at the reception and this is a memorable moment. The photos should be up close so that every moment, emotion is captured between the couple. The photographer has to take random pictures without the couple posing as these bring out the best moments during the dance.

During a wedding, the coupe has a lot of things that they think about and miss out on some of the things that take place on their special day and the only way for them to know more about their big day is through photographs. Therefore special moments should be captured so that the couple re visits their special day through the lens.





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