When you set your wedding date and start with the preparations, it is common knowledge that you will both be busy with the various preparations that one needs to make the day colorful but this does not mean that you are going to forego romance just because you believe you are too busy for it. Romance needs to be there before and after the wedding so that it seems that you keep the fire burning in your relationship. Here are some of the tips that you can use and learn how to renew and keep the romance alive before the wedding.

Try to lighten the load for each other

Preparations for a wedding can be hectic and this might lead to a lot of stress for the couple. In most you should help each other out especially if both of them are staying in the same house. Discuss on how you are going to solve the oncoming stress by helping each other out with house work, meet the service providers together and express to each other what you want and what you do not want. This will help ease the stress and load for both of you.

Spend a lot of quality time together

You have been dating for a long time and hanging out for every second you get and then boom, wedding preparations crop up. This does not mean that your time should be limited due to the different schedules that you both might have but you need to get time and hang out even with your different schedules. You need to go out play some indoor games like scrabble or draft or enjoy some quality time at the beach. This will help improve on your romance before the wedding.

Communicate about everything

You should keep on communicating with your partner if possible at least on a daily basis. Call and find out how their day was and tell them how your day was. Talk about the highs and lows of your day since communication is key to everything. The daily communication builds a positive relationship between the both of you and it will help strengthen your romance and relationship when the tougher times come up.

Compliment your partner

The period that leads to a wedding is always tough and you might argue over some few things and fail to talk to each other. This does not mean that you should not complement each other even when you are annoyed. Complement about the hair, outfit that they are putting on and any other small thing that you see. This rekindles the romance and reduces stress of your partner.

Plan a weekend get away

This might not be possible due to the many preparations that will be taking place but find time and get a weekend of rest for just the two of you. This will help you relieve the stress even if it is just for two days. Pack and go rekindle that romance outside the busy city and if possible turn off your phones for the time being because it will not kill you if you don’t have them.

Do everything that you think will reduce the stress of your partner because you do not want to have a stressed bride or groom on your wedding day.

After the wedding

Romance needs to be kept alive even after the wedding. Sometimes we do not mind about what our partners think about us especially after the wedding and this often leads to cheating, divorce and terrible break up between the different couples. Before people get married they are encouraged to go for counselling so that they get to know the different ups and downs that are to be experienced in a marriage since it is not a smooth road. And that is why you should keep on rejuvenating your love and romance so that these hiccups are easily settled. And these are some of the things you can do to spice it up.

Work on your hygiene and appearance

Getting married does not mean that you have made it in life that is you need to make sure that you keep up with the hygiene department and appearance. And we are first going to look at the hygiene department and see how you can keep it alive.

Beauty is always skin deep but no one can tolerate beauty with a poor hygiene. First go through personal hygiene and then deal with the general hygiene in the house. Clean the house on a regular basis, make sure your husband is always set before going to work but most importantly keep the bedroom as clean as you can. This will see your love revolving and romance on your toes.

Go out with your partner to the different spas so as to achieve a wonderful hygienic life together.

Some people after getting married always let go of their appearances. Someone who was a bit slender becomes obese just because they believe that that is the final stage in life. This mostly goes to the ladies, keep that slender figure that your husband fell in love with so that he keeps on loving you the way you are.

Try as much as possible to look good through making up, your hairstyle and dressing up properly so that your husband does not tire of seeing you every day.

Work on the kitchen department

Even though you are a working lady as long as you plan on getting married there are a few things you need to do books aside.

Find different ways to demonstrate your love

Keep on spicing up your love life every day with the different things you can come up with. If you are the guy you will need to at least come up with the different ways like dropping off flowers at her work place, abrupt romantic dinners and other various ways you can think of in order to spice up the romance after the wedding.

Avoid staying with people immediately after your wedding

There are a lot of people who stay around after a couple has gotten married but this does not mean that you should stay with them. After your honeymoon politely inform them that you will need a few moments where it is only the two of you so that there are no interruptions when it comes to post wedding time. Relatives always make it hard for you to enjoy your post wedding therefore f possible make sure they all leave so that you get alone time to increase on your love for each other and increase on your romance.

 Make resolutions

Try to put a few resolutions for your marriage. These will help you spice it up when the boring times set in. be flexible in your marriage and take up all the changes that come with being married in good faith, respect one another and this will help improve on your love life and romance after the wedding.

Try to remember and renew your vows

The vows that you take on your wedding should not be forgotten as they will the foundation of your relationship. Each time you feel like your relationship world is crushing, remember the vows you made and if possible try to at least renew them for every chance you get to keep the romance burning.

Try to think about the positives

After saying I do, there are different things that you will pass through as a couple and these should be solved together. Just because you have to face all the bad things coming your way does not mean that you have to keep the grudge just concentrate on the positive things that you have passed through as a couple and this might help to keep the romance alive after the wedding.

Everything that needs to be done when it comes to romance before or after a wedding will always lead to one thing and that is intimacy. Whenever you get the time, try to renew your intimacy especially after the wedding because this will keep you together and refresh your every day life.


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