For every couple after the wedding party, the next step is the honeymoon. We all have different destinations we want to go to for our honeymoons and we start planning for it even before we get married. It is a time when the couple gets to know each other more and to relax after the stress of preparing for the wedding.

Planning a wedding can be costly but you will need to look at your budget in order to find out which honeymoon destination you will able to afford. Most of the destinations we want can be expensive but with proper planning you can easily achieve your dream honeymoon. In most cases couples are always financially drained after the wedding and can hardly afford a honeymoon but this does not mean that you have to borrow in order to fulfill your dream you might as well postpone it and go at a later date when everything is settled financially.

Most believe that a honeymoon is quite expensive because they are looking at destinations that are outside Uganda and they end up spending more than what they have. A honeymoon should be fun and exciting without the couple bringing stress to themselves about the different costs that need to be spent.

Planning a wedding and a honeymoon at the same time can be extremely difficult and tiring and therefore that is why it is advisable to plan for the honeymoon first with a different budget and plan for the wedding after. When the two expenses are added together, it causes stress.

I have listed some of the things you can do to have a cost friendly honeymoon both within Uganda and outside Uganda and these include

Look for your honeymoon priorities

Priorities refer to the different things that you will want do on your honeymoon. This is because not all destinations have the same activities for example if your honeymoon is in a game park, the activities carried out here will differ from those who will have their honeymoon at the beach. Therefore set your priorities right so that you do not blunder and also find out how much you will spend so that you ut it a fixed price in order to avoid over spending on the honeymoon.

Book early to avoid extra costs

By the time you set the date for your wedding, you are already sure of where you will go when it comes to the honeymoon therefore it I best if you book your honeymoon destination months before your wedding takes place so that you stop worrying about it during the wedding preparations.

When travelling out of the country you can still book your flight months prior to your wedding in order to avoid the fiasco that goes with booking of flights late and if possible you can also pay all the honeymoon expenses so that you concentrate on other things at the wedding. All this helps you plan properly for you honeymoon and spend less.

Wait if there are no finances

You must remember that there is no written rule that your honeymoon should take place immediately after your wedding. It is better to talk to your partner and discuss about waiting just in case there is no money to finance that expense.

The main aim of the honeymoon is to spend alone time with your partner therefore if there is no money, do not strain but you can plan a quick weekend getaway as you wait to have a full honeymoon later on when the finances are enough. This will give you time to save up enough money to have a good honeymoon.

Plan your honeymoon during the not so busy seasons

Most of the destinations that we want for our honeymoons always have a peak season and a low season. If possible try booking your honeymoon destination during the low season because during this period the prices are low from the food to hotels and activity payments.

If you are going to honeymoon within the country, the low seasons are from January to march whereas the peak seasons run from June to December.

Honeymoon within the country

Many couples take honeymoon as a chance to the places outside Uganda that they have never visited and therefore opt for leisure flights and hotels and they end up spending a lot of money along the way and yet there are several places in Uganda that one can go for a honeymoon and still enjoy themselves.

Uganda has a lot of destinations that you can go to and enjoy yourselves and some of these include National Parks, hotels, beaches, Islands and many more other destinations. These local destinations will reduce your expenses when it comes to organizing a honeymoon.

Visit a travel agent

There are various tour agents in the country that you can visit and ask around for the different prices for the different destinations so that you can plan accordingly. Travel agents have in depth information about the different places all over the world and they can advise you accordingly on where to go and have fun on a limited budget and they also reduce the stress of looking for honeymoon destinations.

Try the different means of transport

Even if you want to fly to your honeymoon destination but have a limitation when it comes to finances, it will better if you try other means of transport that are cost effective. Flying is a bit expensive therefore if possible try using private means, a bus or boat to get to your honeymoon destination.

You can go to a place that is within driving distance because it will turn out to be cheaper than you taking a location that is far away from civilization. But if you are intent on flying, try using alternative air companies so that you can compare the different prices that they charge for a ticket.

Do maximum research about the various destinations

The internet has helped us a lot and it can save you the time of going to visit the destinations and find out whether they are adequate or not. You can do your research about the various destinations and find out the services offered, their payment plan and see whether you will be able to afford their services.

There are several cost friendly destinations in Uganda and some of these have been listed below so that you can an idea of where to go in case you are down on cash.

The pineapple bay at Bulago Island

The white sand beaches and serene calm environment found on this lake Victoria Island is to die for especially for honeymooners. It is a 45 minutes’ drive from Kampala and

Wild waters lodge Jinja

This is located in the forests of Mabira surrounded by the vast rain forest trees that give off a calm and cool environment perfect for a honeymoon. The rooms are grass thatched rooms that are self-contained and offer privacy to the newlywed couple. There are only ten double rooms and on your honeymoon you can enjoy bungee jumping, wildlife, birding and white water rafting.

Residents pay 150 US dollars and nonresidents pay 230 US dollars whereas if it is a honeymoon package, it is always half the price for the bride.

Heritage safari lodge in Pakwach

This is located in Murchison falls National Park and a great destination for your honeymoon. There are three tents and three standard cottages and you get to pay 80 US dollars per night on your honeymoon. You will be able to enjoy game drives, birding, nature walks, spot fishing and the serene environment away from the busy hustle of the city.

Crater bay cottages in kabale

This is found on the shores of the Bunyonyi Lake in Kabale and has 12 cottages that are available for honeymooners. You get to see the great view of the Crater Lake birding and nature walks around the area. The rooms are self-contained and go for 50 US dollars per night. Its remote location gives it a good ambience.

Secrets guest house in Entebbe

Located just a few minutes away from the city Centre, it is a good place for couples who want to stay around town due to their demanding jobs. It is only 40 minutes away from the international Airport in Entebbe and surrounded by a lot of flora and fauna giving it a remote setting even when it is located in town. There are various grass thatched cottages and they go for 50 US dollar per night. The various activities that you can enjoy when you got to the cottages include fishing from the Lake Victoria, nature walks and relaxing on the beach around.

Whichever way you spend your honeymoon will be determined by the amount of money that you have on you but it is advisable to minimize costs so that you plan for your future properly and you can still postpone it till your first anniversary.


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