When you decide to get a big wedding venue, this means that you are planning to have a lot of guests on your wedding. Most of these guests will be family members from the village, your workmates, friends and other large circles that you belong to and this is brought about when you do not want anyone to be left out for your wedding.

Big weddings also result from the status that you hold in society. Most people who have big weddings always hold a high position when it comes to society and they find it hard to hold a small wedding because they want their wedding to be held in a prestigious position within the community members. You should remember that holding big weddings is always costly and you should be ready to invest a lot of money in your wedding in order for it to come out right.

Most big weddings are held in gardens since they provide enough space. Decorations on a wedding can turn a drab place into a castle depending on the type of decoration that is to be used. A wedding venue will be the high determinant of how the decoration will turn out and this depends on how small or big the venue is and today we are going to look at how a large wedding venue can be decorated so that the wedding turns out glamorous. Decoration might not be the most important aspect at a wedding but if it is terrible it will be noticed.

In this article we are going to look at the different tips that decorators and couples need to do and focus on when dealing with decoration for a very big wedding venue and these have been listed below.

The bridal stage/gazebo

This should be the Center of attraction when it comes to decoration and should be focused on. The stage should be decorated nicely and more than the rest of the areas on the venue and it should be placed in a place where the bride and groom can almost see everyone who is at their wedding.

They might not see everyone but the stage should not be very far away from the invited guests and it should at least be raised a bit so that the guests get a better look at the bride and groom.

The lighting of the place

Lights at the venue increase on the elegance of the wedding venue if used in the proper manner. With a bog venue the lights that are to be used will be very many and you will need to use them in a way that they do not look crowded. For better results concentrate on the more visible points on the tents and use chandelier lights to add to the glamour. This will bring out the decoration without it looking disorganized and crowded. The lights that are to be used should not be too bright that is they should act as the background light.

When it comes to lighting, make sure that the places you do not want your guests to notice should be left without lights to avoid attention and you can also dim the lights so as to bring out the romantic touch at the venue.


The main entrance into the venue

Most decorators use red carpets so that the entrance does not look blank or empty of décor but you can add a little spice to the entrance by using floral decoration on both sides of the red carpet to add class to the entry way. Remember the entrance leads directly to the high table and therefore you need to make it look almost as good as the high table.

The seating arrangement

Under the seating arrangement we will talk about how the guests will seat and the brides’ maids and groomsmen in case you have any. Remember that this is a big venue and even if it looks like a piece of cake to seat the guests so that the place does not look empty, it is extremely hard.

When you have a large entourage arrange for them to sit just besides the high table or if not they should have their own tables and chairs just a few feet from the bride and grooms that they have enough space and they remain the center of attention. These tables should not heavily decorated as they will compete with the nearby high table.

When it comes to a large place the seating arrangement has to be very creative so that the place looks elegant without a lot of space in between and this can be done with the table settings. You will need to get round tables and put little decoration so that they get space to move around and where to place their plates as they eat. Use decorative napkins of different colors to add a bit of color on the table because this will leave the table with space and make sure that the tables are not crowded.

The tables and chairs will give you an idea of how the seating arrangement will be and note that they do not need all the glitter and glamour that is put on the high table. Trust me we do not need regular tables competing with the high table and is you do not have enough tables you can arrange chairs at the back for those that will come late.

The center pieces on the tables

There are various center pieces that are on the market that you can use to decorate the tables at a wedding venue. These can be put on each table if whatever you have is enough but if they are less, you can just place them on the tables where the parents are seated and ignore the rest of the tables.

Center pieces cannot only be used on tables but they can be used to lower the tent ceilings. Lowering of the tent or roof ceilings will make the room look smaller than what its normal size although if possible these can be avoided especially if they are not enough to cover every table.



The division of the venue into different rooms

This is mostly done with indoor wedding reception venues where satin clothes are used to make different portions of the room. When the room is too big and you expect it not to fill up, this will work greatly for you. You can create different rooms like the food area, the drinks area, the photo area and the dance area so that they look like mini rooms in just one room. This will make the large venue look like it is crowded which is not the case but it will look beautiful.

Think about the drinks

The drinks do not necessarily need to be beer but it includes all types of drinks you can think of. These drinks can help with decorating the tables so that you do not stress with décor that is not available. The drinks create a pattern on the table especially when different types of drinks are put on the table. And as people keep on drinking, they will mind less about the decoration as long as you keep on refilling the empty bottles with the new ones.

Consider the distances at the venue

This should be mostly for the food part and the toilets. Just because your venue is bid does not mean that you have to put a very big distance between the serving center and where people are seated. Discuss this and make sure that the distance is minimal so that guests do not get tired as they line up and then take more minutes trekking back where they are supposed to sit.

And as we are talking about food, make sure you set up different food centers so that they take up a bit of space. The whole essence of getting a bigger venue is so that it gets full or looks like every space has been utilized.

And yes the toilets should be should be at a safe distance from the venue but this does not mean that they should be far away. This should be so that people who want to use the places of convenience are not inconvenienced.

Play around with color

Know which colors to play around with so that you get a good output. As earlier on stated a big venue will need a lot of input when it comes to finances and is you know you are low on finances or you want to save on decoration, you can play around with colors for decoration. This can be achieved by using the different colored drapes, flowers or napkins. The colored napkins can be used to decorate the tables so that you avoid using the center pieces.






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