Every couple have to have a Cinderella wedding with one of the best cars for their wedding. There are a variety of cars that you can choose from and the type of cars to be used are supposed to be chosen as earlier as possible so that you do not get inconvenienced when it comes to your wedding day. If you have nowhere to start from, here are a few pointers of where you can start from and what to consider when choosing a car for your wedding.

Look at your budget

Your budget highly determines the type of cars that you can use on your wedding. The price of the cars that are used are determined by their size. The bigger the car, the higher the price of hiring and the model of the car also determines the price that you will pay for the cars. Therefore if you have a dream car but it is costly it is better to use the available cars that fit into your budget but if you are capable then you can get your dream wedding cars.

The size of the bridal team

A bridal team includes the couple, the maid of honor and the bride maids, the best man and the groomsmen. When you go in search of the cars that you are going to use for your wedding, consider the size of the entourage because this will determine the size of car that you will get and the price you will pay for them. When you have a smaller bridal entourage, it will be easy for you to get cars but if you have a big bridal entourage then you will need to have to look for bigger cars or use quite a number of cars for transportation and this might be very costly.

Read through the contract before signing 

Before you go with a specific type of car for your function, you will need to first to look at the contract and read through the terms and conditions that are in the contract. Find out if you are able to work with those terms and conditions and if you cannot then ask for a better contract or look for a company that will provide you with a better contract.

The weather

Ugandan weather is extremely unpredictable and when shopping for bridal cars, you need to put it into consideration. Hire cars that are going to shield you from the rain just in case it starts and when the sun is too hot. The cars used have to be comfortable otherwise your day might be ruined. For example you cannot get a convertible if the rainy season is in motion.

The company that you are using

There will be very many companies that will give you different offers so that you may use their company for hiring cars but you need to put a few things into consideration and these include:

  • Discuss their prices and find out whether you will be able to find a discount or afford their prices.
  • Ask around for references on the company to find out whether they offer good services and will deliver on time.
  • Find out if the company drivers are available on your day before you book and if they are willing to wait until their services are not needed on your big day.
  • Check their cars and find out if the cars have been serviced and will not cause delays on your wedding day.

Get a company that will listen to your suggestions and also offer assistance where necessary although it is advisable to use companies that you have used before or what your friends have used before so that you are not disappointed by other new companies.

Fuel consumption of the cars to be used

Fuel prices in Uganda keep on changing and therefore it is advisable for couples to get cars that have a less fuel consumption gauge on their day because the higher the fuel consumption the higher the price that will be paid by the couple. Cars with an inscription of 2L and L do not consume a lot of fuel and couples are advised to get such cars so that they can save on their wedding expenses and in order to know the fuel consumption, you can check on the boot of the car for the inscription.

The leg space in the car

The leg space in the car is mostly for the bride and this is due to the size of her wedding dress. If the bride’s dress cannot fit properly in the car then it is not the perfect car for your wedding travels. You should look for cars that will not make the whole entourage feel cramped.

It will be very absurd for a bride to go with a car that cannot contain her wedding dress. Therefore get a comfortable car with enough leg space.

The time of the year for your wedding

There are weddings throughout the year and when you are setting your own wedding date, remember that the there are other couples who have set that exact same date for their wedding. Therefore of you set your wedding during the busy season, make sure that you book the cars that you have chosen months before so that you avoid the inconvenience of looking for cars at the last minute when all the cars have already been booked.

The location of your wedding

The location of the reception should not be very far away from the church and the city where you hired the cars from. The further the reception, the more money you will have to part with due to the extra fuel that is going to be used when transporting you from the church to the reception.

The setup of the car

The interior of the car should be well designed so that the bride and groom including their entourage fell comfortable and relaxed. For example if you hold your wedding during the hot season, try to get a car that has a cooler compartment so that you get to drink some cool drinks after the church function as you head to the reception area.

The theme of your wedding.

All couples have their wedding themes and these highly influence the type of cars that you are going to use. There are always two types of cars when it comes to themes and these are modern and vintage. For those that will go for the vintage look, know that these cars are limited and they go for a higher price which might dent on the budget whereas if you go for the modern look, it will be easy for you to get a variety of cars that you can use on your wedding day.

View the wedding cars before you book

Sometimes companies can give you brochures that showcase the different cars that are for hire but this is not enough as some of them will just be illusions and therefore you will need to look at the different cars in person so that you get to know whether they are new cars or old and if you will be able to use them. Most cars have a show room where you can easily see the displayed cars.

You need a backup plan

Vehicles get problems each day and sometimes they cannot be avoided. You need to ask the company that you want to hire from the cars whether they have backup cars just in case the ones that they have given you get a fault on the D-day. This will help you avoid a lot of delays so that you get to your various destinations on time.

The duration of usage of the cars

This should actually be the first you ask when you decide on the company where you are going to hire the bridal cars from. Some companies charge lower prices because you will have to stay with the cars for a shorter period of time and this might lead to extra charged just in case the function does not go as planned and you end using extra hours. Use cars that will be around till the end of the function.

Plan your travel arrangements for your wedding day

This is crucial because you will need to tell the drivers and the company about how you will be travelling on your wedding day. Decide on who is travelling with who in the different cars and draw a plan on the different places that you will make a stop on your wedding day so that there will be little or no delays on your wedding day.

There are different car companies in the country that you can use for car hire service but if you have limited money, it is better to use your friend’s cars if they are available so that you do not spend more than what is needed.


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