When it comes to wedding venues, they are divided into two that is the open venues and closed venues and these come in form of halls, gardens and hotels. All these work properly but you should be able to prepare for anything that might come in along the way.

Wedding venues play a big role when it comes to weddings because they can ultimately disappoint or make your guests happy. An extremely confining venue will leave your guests in a foul mood whereas a more open venue might make them happy due to the space that each one has of themselves. And that is why you need to think deeply about what your venue before making a down payment.

This article is meant for those who are in the process of planning their weddings and those that want to be ready for when their time comes so that they don’t fret.

There are different wedding venues that we can use for our weddings and we should note that they all have advantages and disadvantages to using them and that is what we are going to discuss today the different cons and pros of using the different wedding venues.

Hotels as wedding reception venues

There are a lot of hotels in Uganda where one can hold their reception and have fun but these charge different prices depending on the services they offer and their location. Hotels have their cons and pros and I have listed down what you are bound to experience when using hotels as reception venues.

The advantages of using hotels as wedding venues

The disadvantages of using hotels as wedding venues

Gardens as wedding reception venues

Gardens are commonly used especially when it comes to wedding receptions and this is because they can house any number of people that you invite and the guests get to experience the freedom in gardens.

Advantages of using gardens as wedding revenues

Disadvantages of using gardens as wedding venues

Halls as wedding reception venues

Halls might have the same advantages as hotels but we should note that they are not the same. Most halls that are used are church halls, school halls or company halls. And just like any other venue used for wedding receptions, halls have their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of using halls as wedding reception venues

Disadvantages of using halls as wedding reception venues

Beaches as wedding reception venues

These are mostly used by people who are diverse in their thinking and want to try out something new when it comes to holding receptions.

 Advantages of using beaches as wedding reception venues

Disadvantages of using beaches as wedding reception venues

All wedding venues can be used it just depends on want you want exactly and if you discuss with your partner, it will be quite easy to come up with the best place where you can hold your wedding. The above advantages and disadvantages might work for you or you might experience a smooth road when it comes to your venue. So there is no need to worry about your big day just sit back and allow your chosen committee to deal with the reception venue including other service providers.










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