Traditional weddings in Buganda

There are a lot of things that can be taken by the groom to the girl’s family as a sign of appreciation but it is better to know that there are some essentials that need to be taken as must and that is what we are going to look at today. In the different cultures […]

The Wedding photography album

We have always talked about photography and its importance at a wedding but there are a few things that couples do that spoil all the photographs and end up accusing the photographers about the outcome. Remember that photographers are not magicians to change your bad poses into good ones and that is why in this […]

The wedding guest list

The wedding guest list As soon as you get that engagement ring on your finger the next big thing to do is to start making the guest list of all those whom you wish to see at your functions. Making the guest list might not be as easy as we all think it is since […]

The language of flowers in a bride’s wedding bouquet

Flowers and their different colors give off a good an ambiance feeling when a bride is holding them and they also add beauty and elegance. Some brides prefer holding plastic bouquets now days but fresh flowers are the best. The different flowers have meanings and communicate to the groom and the different guests who have […]

Creating romance before and after the wedding

When you set your wedding date and start with the preparations, it is common knowledge that you will both be busy with the various preparations that one needs to make the day colorful but this does not mean that you are going to forego romance just because you believe you are too busy for it. […]

How to ensure that your service providers deliver on time on your wedding day

For a wedding day to be perfect you need the different service providers. These will provide different services like catering, music, decoration and many more others. They always come in handy but they might also be the downfall of your wedding especially when they fail to deliver on time. It is actually common to hear […]

Advantages and disadvantages of the different wedding reception venues

When it comes to wedding venues, they are divided into two that is the open venues and closed venues and these come in form of halls, gardens and hotels. All these work properly but you should be able to prepare for anything that might come in along the way. Wedding venues play a big role […]

Makeup for the bride on her wedding

A wedding has a lot of shopping and trials that need to be done and Makeup is one of them. After getting that perfect dress for you wedding, you need to look for the perfect Makeup that will match with your dress, accessories and will blend extremely well with your skin color. With the vast […]

Everything you need to know about introduction and wedding invitation cards

Many wedding cards have been made and they have been evolved with time and that is why many people are designing their cards in different ways. It does not matter whether you are unique or casual in your card as long as you communicate the necessary and important aspects like what is the card for, […]